• What a 6 Year Old Can Teach Men About Prostate Cancer

Cars for Prostate Cancer

How We Support Our Free Program

The free ProstateTracker program is supported by our car donation program. Your vehicle donation allows us to provide this free tracking service and support free PSA testing programs through our partner advocacy organizations.

Why Cars for Prostate Cancer
is Unique

At CarsforProstateCancer.org, we take the time to repair the vehicles and boats we receive as donations. This allows us to provide a greater dollar value of our donors and to generate more funds for use in our prostate cancer awareness programs.

You can learn more about this program at CarsforProstateCancer.org


I am 53 years old, had regular prostate exams , never any pain or symptoms, and, no known prostate cancer history in my family.

- John

If the new U.S. Preventative Task Force’s recommendation about no PSA testing was in effect eight years ago, I probably wouldn’t still be alive.

- Stan

My doctor kept my annual PSA test scores. I wish I had followed them like my stock portfolio.

- James

Looking back, it's easy to see the rise in my PSA value from one year to the next. That seems to be the telltale sign - the amount of change from the previous year.

- Tate

When your wife tells you to get a PSA test, listen! And then make certain she has her mammogram.

- Richard

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New Prostate Cancer
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New Prostate Cancer
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