Prostate Cancer Early Warning Tool

Prostate Cancer Early Warning Tool

ProstateTracker™ is a free online PSA tracking service provided by the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project . . . 

About ProstateTracker . . .

  • It is a free, anonymous service
  • It tracks your annual PSA (prostate specific antigen) test results from one year to the next
  • It shows you if there is an increase in your PSA value, which is a danger signal
  • You will receive an email reminder when your next annual test is due
  • Your privacy is important to us and you will not be asked for your last name, only a working email address so we can remind you when your next test is due
  • ProstateTracker is free to everyone

Don’t be Caught with a Surprise Prostate Cancer Diagnosis. . . 

Prostate cancer strikes one in every six men (one in every four African American men) in the United States and generally shows no symptoms until the cancer has progressed to the point where it cannot be treated effectively. 240,000 men receive a prostate cancer diagnosis every year. Activate your free, anonymous prostate cancer early warning account right now …

Simply click the green button below to activate your anonymous,
free prostate cancer early warning account . . .

Cars for Prostate Cancer Keeps Us Going
ProstateTracker receives significant support from our vehicle donation program – Please visit Cars for Prostate Cancer and learn how you’ll receive 21% percent more for your donated vehicle, RV, or boat than if you donate it through any other program.

Every vehicle (car, RV, boat, motorcycle, trailer) you donate saves man’s life and keeps families together. 93% of our donated funds go directly to awareness programs and to operating our ProstateTracker early detection system.

Thank you for your help!

Robert Warren Hess, PCAP Founder and CEO








Robert Hess
Founder and Prostate Cancer Survivor
Class of 2003