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Two Simple Ways to Reduce Your Prostate Cancer Risk in 2016

PCAP Founder Robert Warren Hess riding his bicycle for cancer awareness

1/3 of All Cancer Risk Is Related to Lack of Exercise and Poor Nutrition I’m entering my 12th year as a cancer survivor and I’m all about reducing my risk of prostate cancer recurrence. I can’t control everything in my life, but I can control what I do and what I eat. Read my post more…

How to Know if Your Prostate Cancer Will Recur

Metastatic Prostate Cancer – Are You in That Category? By a factor of at least five, the number one question we receive here at PCAP is “what is the likelihood that my prostate cancer will recur?”  And the short answers have always been “it’s difficult to say” or “every man is different.” And both of more…

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Why Bicycling Should be Part of Your Cancer Survival Plan

My Name is Robert Warren Hess and I’m a Prostate Cancer Survivor I became a prostate cancer survivor on December 10, 2002, the day after my birthday and just two months before my older sister was to pass away from pancreatic cancer. I spent a career in the US Army and we’re all about planning more…

How To Know if Your Prostate Cancer Will Return

The 7 Easy Steps to Surviving Prostate Cancer … I’ve been talking for years about how easy it is to take a PSA blood test. But, as we all know, talking about something is easier than actually doing it. So, this year I decided to document the entire process and show you can you can more…

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Will Your Prostate Cancer Recur?

image of a cancer cell

Decipher prostate cancer classifier predicts the aggressiveness of prostate cancer and it’s likelihood of recurrence.

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Ride With Us at The 2015 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo

2014 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project is honored to be one of the non-profits that the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo closely works with to carry out its charitable mission. We invite you to join us at the 2015 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo in Harrisonburg, VA. This challenging and adventurous cycling event takes place on September 20, more…

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Prostate Cancer Survivor Inspirational Video: Steve “Radioactive Ironman” Cooper

We recently shared this extremely inspiring video on our Facebook page about Steve “Radioactive Ironman” Cooper, a board member of ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer. It’s too good not to share again on our blog. The video was originally posted by ZERO. Steve Cooper was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2012 with more…

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It’s Minority Health Month: A Reminder For Men To Get Tested for Prostate Cancer

National Minority Health Month

April is National Minority Health Month presented by the Office of Minority Health.  This year they celebrate 30 Years of Advancing Health Equity. This office addresses disease prevention, health promotion, risk reduction, healthier lifestyle choices, use of health care services and barriers to health care for racial and ethnic minorities. This month we would like to bring more more…

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Follow Up Ultra Sounds Can Aid in Breast Cancer Detection

Connecticut was the first state to enact groundbreaking legislation mandating that patients undergoing mammography be educated about their breast density with the option to have a follow-up ultrasound. Jean M. Weigert, head of breast imaging for the Hospital of Central Connecticut, performed a chart review to see how well this process worked in detecting cancers more…

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We the People Say Yes to GMO Labeling

Countries requiring GMO labeling

Do you want to know what you are actually eating? Do you care if your food has been genetically modified? Well, you are not alone. According to a recent article, 91% of Americans support GMO labeling.  Unlike America and Canada, sixty four other countries have labeling requirements. Image Credit: A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) more…

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