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4 Convincing Reasons to Start Cycling

Outdoor cycling

We, at the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP) are exercise enthusiasts. We host and sponsor several events throughout the year to encourage fitness and healthy living. Robert Hess, PCAP founder and prostate cancer survivor, has ridden the distance around the world, 24,901.6 miles, in the 10 years since his cancer treatment. Those miles have been a key element more…

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9 Helpful Ways to Transition into Spring Cycling

beautiful spring flowers

I am fortunate to live in sunny California so the weather is fairly nice year round. For my cycling friends in other areas of this great country the Spring probably couldn’t get here soon enough! So this post is for you to help get back into the swing of outside cycling again. Coach John Hughes, more…

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15 Healthy Italian Pasta Recipes

Healthy Italian Dinner ideas

Are you craving pasta but looking for a lower- calorie experience? A recent post shares 15 low-calorie pasta recipes for a healthy Italian dinner. The recipes use an assortment of tasty pastas. Several recipes also include vegetables, chicken broth and hot turkey sausage. It that sounds good to you – check them out here. more…

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2015 Peace Out, Prostate Cancer Motorcycle Charity Run

Arizona bike week

We are happy to share that online registration for the third annual Peace Out Prostate Cancer is now open. This unique motorcycle riding event is hosted by the Bikers for Boobies Arizona, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Bikers for Boobies Arizona’s vision is to promote education and awareness to anyone seeking information for themselves, or a more…

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20 Common Items to Trash for a Healthier You

red trash can

Do you have a habit of holding on to things until it’s completely gone; even in some cases, you may have had it for years. I’m guilty! I try to get my ‘money’s worth’ with each item I purchase. Unfortunately, did you know that this mindset may be affecting your health. Yes, continuing to use more…

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5 Tips for Cyclists to Avoid Getting Sick During the Winter

frozen bicycle wheel

We are still immersed in the midst of cold and flu season which means we should continue to take extra precautions in maintaining our health as we train as cyclists. Here’s 5 ways to stay healthy during the winter season from They are a good reminder to all of us. Continue to train. Physical more…

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26 Things You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

Diagram showing the location of the male prostate.

Just Where is The Prostate? by Robert Warren Hess When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 11 years ago, I had no idea what a prostate was or even where it was located. All I knew was that apparently it could kill me. And when I began talking with my doctor getting my head around more…

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Genetic Marker for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

PSA blood test

Early Warning Tool for Aggressive Prostate Cancer by Robert Warren Hess If you follow this blog and our website you know that our focus is on the early detection of prostate cancer while it is in the treatable stage. Once a prostate cancer is derected, the next critical step is determining whether or not it more…

Why Knowing Your PSA Score is Critical

prostate cancer early detection system

A Close Call I received this email this afternoon, and it is another reminder of how we guys always think we’re invincible. We just don’t think about prostate cancer. “Robert — back in 2012 I was lucky enough to win the KOM in my age category and you kindly arranged to ship me my winner’s more…

Why the Christmas Holidays are Important to Me

Why Christmas is Special to Me by Robert Warren Hess It’s Christmas Eve here in Manhattan Beach, California. Our tree is finished. The gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree. My wife will be home from work in half an hour, and in just two more hours our California family will begin spilling into more…

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