Prostate Cancer Prevention – How is It Possible?
Medical science is working hard on understanding the causes of prostate cancer, but they aren’t there yet.

Research clearly shows, however, that more than 30% of all cancers, including prostate cancer, are linked to poor eating habits and lack of adequate exercise.

Robert Hess, PCAP’s founder and the creator of the ProstateTracker early warning systems is, himself, a 10 year prostate cancer survivor. One of Robert’s key goals is to create a system to help men prevent the recurrence of prostate cancer and possibly even prevent prostate cancer from ever developing the first place.

Diet and Exercise | Cancer Risk Factors We Can Control – But How?
We’re going to begin providing tips about how to control this risk. We’ll be talking about walking and bicycling, because these are easy, inexpensive. And we’re also going to develop some easy recipe programs to help you get on the right track.

 Prostate cancer survivor? These tips will help improve your body’s natural defenses. Research shows that the average person actually gets cancer seven times during their lifetime but the body’s natural defenses prevent cancer development.

Just trying to avoid prostate cancer? Getting your body in shape is your first line of defense.

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