Around the World Cycling Challenge

Why You Need to Ride a Bicycle . . .
There are lots of great reasons for riding bicycles but if you are a prostate cancer survivor, or if you have been diagnosed with a pre-cancer condition, getting back on a bicycle may just save your life.


30 % of Cancers Can be Prevented with Exercise and Better Nutrition . . .
American Cancer Society research shows that a third of all cancers are directly related to poor nutrition and lack of exercise, which lead to excess weight and other adverse impacts on the body.

Why We Created the PCAP Mileage Challenge . . .
I was diagnosed with Stage 2 prostate cancer 10 years ago at age 58, just after my older sister died from pancreatic cancer at age 62.

Think I was shocked? You bet I was. But I has spent a career in the US Army and my second reaction was to create my personal prostate cancer survival plan, because research shows that prostate cancer recurrence – if it recurs – generally happens around the 10-year mark.

What I needed to Do . . . 
No one knows exactly what causes prostate cancer and, at last count, there are 34 different variations of prostate cancer. So, I looked around for elements of prostate cancer recurrence risk that were within my personal control.

The three elements I found I could control were . . .

  • my weight
  • my diet
  • my mental outlook

And the simplest way for me to do all three was to get on my bicycle and starting riding. In the past 10 years, I’ve averaged just about 2,000 miles per year. I traveled to a lot of fun places for bicycle rides, met a lot of great people, and dropped 12 pounds, putting me just about about at my optimal weight.

The Mileage Challenge was Born in 2012 . . .
Last year I realized that I was closing in on the number of miles around the world at the equator. So I got together with the great designers at Primal Wear and we created the official PCAP Around the World Jersey you see above.

How to Get a Coveted PCAP Around the World Jersey . . . 
These custom jerseys will be available through the PCAP store after you certify to us that you have ridden the required 24,901.6 miles. You can track your mileage in,, or your own mileage log.

When you’ve completed your trip, send us an email at and we’ll send you the price and code for ordering your jersey. You don’t have to be a prostate cancer survivor to earn a jersey and be part of our Just Get 6! prostate cancer awareness program.

What are Your Next Steps?

  • Get on your bike
  • Start logging your mileage – is a great tool, but you can use MapMyRide, or even track your miles in Microsoft Excel
  • Post pictures of your adventures on our Facebook Page – PROSTATE CANCER AWARENESS PROJECT ON FACEBOOK
  • And, finally, activate your free prostate cancer early detection system right here at

[PS: You can follow me live as I finish my 24,901.6 mile journey – FOLLOW ROBERT ON STRAVA.COM]

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Robert Hess
Prostate Cancer Survivor
Class of 2003