About The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project
The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP) is a registered 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit charity based in Manhattan Beach, California.

We help men and their families understand their prostate cancer risk and our free prostate cancer early detection system (ProstateTracker) makes men’s prostate cancer risk visible.
Why we Created ProstateTracker

Prostate cancer generally shows no symptoms until the cancer is well progressed and almost 30,000 American men die each year from prostate cancer, many because they simply did not know they had the disease in time to seek effective treatment.

ProstateTracker is our new project to make prostate cancer visible so that men will know they have the disease before it spreads and becomes untreatable.

The PCAP Prostate Cancer Manifesto
We believe that every man has the right to know he has prostate cancer while he still has the full range of treatment options available.  ProstateTracker is PCAP’s contribution to making the Prostate Cancer Manifesto a reality.

Our goal is to have one million men using our free ProstateTracker service by the end of 2017.

What You Need to Do Next . . .
Before you leave, click the green button below and create your account. Then forward the site to the men in your network.  Together, we can reduce the annual 30,000 man prostate cancer death toll.

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How to Pay it Forward . . .

Just like Public Radio, we get our support from the public, people just like you. We have a unique vehicle donation program that gives our donors a 23% greater tax deduction than any other vehicle donation program.

Please take a minute to visit our Cars for Prostate Cancer donation program and see how easy it is to donate your vehicle,RV,  boat, or even that Time Share that is so difficult to sell.

Your donation will help save the lives of some of the 240,000 men who are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer each and every year.

Who do you know that has a vehicle or boat they might like to donate to help us keep our prostate cancer early detection system operating?