What Prostate Cancer Treatment – if Any – is Right for You?

What Prostate Cancer Treatment – if Any – is Right for You?

This is a frequent question here on the website and the answer is – that ever annoying “it depends.”

It depends on the stage of your prostate cancer, its aggressiveness, and the outcomes that you want for your treatment. And, of course, your stage of life. Men diagnosed in the 40’s – and often earlier – have a very different decision process than a man in his 60’s or 70’s.

I’m always on the lookout for simple, straightforward information about prostate cancer and it’s treatment. I recent read “Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs 2014: New Tests, New Treatments, Better Options: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Tests and 12 Medically-Proven Treatments” by Doctor Jay S. Cohen, MD.

Choosing a prostate cancer treatment is an emotional and logical challenge, and Dr. Cohen’s book describes all of the currently available treatments in clear, easy to understand form. Even more valuable, Dr. Cohen wrote this book about the research he did while he went through his own prostate cancer decision process. I wish this book had been available during my diagnosis and decision period in May 2003.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer you need to do two things . . .

1) Stay calm. You have time to research your case and get second opinions

2) Get a copy of this book – either hard copy or the Kindle version – and read it twice. The first time will be a blur. The second time you will begin absorbing the information.

You can order a copy from Amazon by clicking the book image blow.

What Prostate Cancer Treatment Outcome are You Looking For?

For example, are you most interested in as high a probability of cure as possible, or is maintaining a certain quality of life important? What are your short-term goals? Are they important events or life goals in the future that you want to achieve (weddings, graduations)?

These goals and your cancer stage at diagnosis may play an important role in your treatment decision.

We’re Developing a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Checklist

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