Why Bicycling Should be Part of Your Cancer Survival Plan

My Name is Robert Warren Hess and I’m a Prostate Cancer Survivor

I became a prostate cancer survivor on December 10, 2002, the day after my birthday and just two months before my older sister was to pass away from pancreatic cancer.

I spent a career in the US Army and we’re all about planning and never giving up. The American Cancer Society says that 30% of our cancer risk is related to diet and exercise. So, I cleaned up my diet and got on my bicycle. Since May of 2003, I have ridden over 29,000 miles – and won two state championships.

J-adore rouler

Reason Number 10!

As you might imagine, I follow cycling in my spare time – the Tour de France, Giro d’Italie, etc.

This morning I read an article in BikeRadar about life-long cyclists, and I think I’m one. In fact, I think most of the 25 signs apply to me. Including eating great food in out-of-the-way cafes.

Should You Become a Cyclist for Life?

Would you like to lose a bit of weight and improve your emotional feeling? Hang out with fun people? Swallow a bug doing 25 mph? [This isn’t mandatory!] Cycling’s a great way to do it all. You can find a local bike shop with a cycling club where ever you live.

Take a quick read of 25 signs you may be a life long cyclist and see if you would like to join the movement!

Are You a Cyclist for Life?

If you just love going places on two wheels, join our Around the World Cycling Challenge and sport one of our unique cycling jerseys and help prostate cancer awareness at the same time.

J’Adore Rouler Aussi!

PCAP CEO Robert Warren Hess riding his bicycle

Join the challenge. Accomplish a great goal. Become a prostate cancer ambassador. Save lives along the way. Priceless!



Robert Warren Hess
Prostate Cancer Survivor
Class of 2003



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